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Smallville - Clex - Count: 200 words

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Went cityhopping for a day last friday to LONDON )

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Live or Die
Alex Brown
Post-series. Angel is the only one left.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. It's Whedon's

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Nov. 23rd, 2005 03:44 am
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food meme

Nov. 10th, 2005 12:10 am
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Gacked from maliwane

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Seen by rakshathewolf

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.
You pull off "weird" well - hardly anyone notices.

It's a warm red at the moment, not orange, maybe in a few weeks. It's been purple for a while so why not... Just have to find some washable stuff.

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Written for the pt100 community challenge:

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Three LOTR drabbles that go together. They happen the night before and the day of Aragorn and Arwen's wedding. I wanted Aragorn and Legolas together, but Legolas insisted on being lovelorn.


1. Legolas' Night )

2. Gimli's Night )

3. The Wedding )

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I've been  so quiet lately. Nothing big has happened.

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May. 10th, 2005 01:43 pm
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May 6th

One day later, One concert later

This time I got together with a friend who wanted to see The Levellers as well and met some of his friends there later . This time I first went by the merchandise stand. I wanted a new t-shirt and couldn't reach the stand at the festival. I bought a dark blue shirt with the tour dates on the back and the new album cover on the front:

                                  Image hosted by

I love my levs shirts. I wear them so often. I doubted for a second about buying the towel, but April had been a very expensive month. I had bought myself a new watch and a dress. So I decided to wait. First I want to buy the new cd.

First a support act which was pretty good. They made a nice transition possible to the Levellers. The songs they played were the same as on the festival. I had hoped there would be a few different ones. till it was great. They did add What You Know.

The evening was over way too soon. Though we could understand them to be quite tired after a gig. They jump and dance on stage so much, it takes a lot of energy. I hope they will return to the Netherlands soon, or the northern part of belgium is good as well.

I went home alone, my friend staying behind. I wanted to stay as well, but I have to work saturdays. And the saturday before Mother's Day usually is the busiest day of the year (not this year though :( ). When I got home I felt great, nothing hurt, not my legs as they had done all day from jumping in Wageningen, not my throat from the cold I have. I put my admittedly gross, sweat soaked 2003 levellers shirt in the laundry and washed up without waking up my mum. Laying in bed it became clear I had been running on adrenaline. My sniffs were back in full force ans well as my leg and knee aches. The singing of the last two days, well in my case screaming tunelessly, was probably not a good idea.

Oh well, sometimes a girl just gotta let go.

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May 5th

As we all know it's 60 years after World War II. Here, in the Netherlands, the peace pact was signed May 5th 1945 in Hotel 'De Wereld'.

May 4th the fallen are being remembered.

May 5th the liberation is celebrated.On this day there are music festivals all over the country. This year I went to Wageningen.

Wageningen is a bit different from the others as it has the defilé, there were thousands of veterans from the US, Britain, Canada and Poland, also Dutch veterans from later wars (eg Dutchbat which was stationed in Kosovo). There were also helicopters and airplanes flying over, amongst which an Apache. F-16 and a Bomber. It was pretty impressive to see. And it was the last chance to see the defilé in this form. Next year will have a Veterans' Day (June 29th). The guests at this defilé were the crown prince Willem-Alexander, prime minister Balkenende and the Governor Genera of Canada amongst others.

Now for the music:

I saw three shows in total:

  • Ian Siegal
  • Rapalje (a Dutch band playing celtic songs)
  • the defilé
  • The Levellers

The Levellers

The reason I went to this festival. Going alone as I did wasn't a problem. There were enough people willing to chat a bit. Mark, Simon, Jon, Charlie, Jeremy and the rest of the gang were as usual great. They have such an energy on stage, their cds don't do them real justice. You just have to be there!

Although the three girls next to me seemed to think different. They were clearly waiting for the next gig, Intwine. Well, that's the thing with festivals. There 'll be also people who don't like it at all and who come for a different band. But I think it's nice to see bands you might not go and see normally, they can be great. Just enjoy yourself! I never would have gone to Ian Siegal myself, but it was okay. Just have some fun!

They played old stuff as well as songs from the new cd Truth & Lies (out May 23rd). Of course the played Liberty, how could they not play it this day. The concert was over way too soon. Even though my knees hurt. I stood first row and kept, accidentally and pushed by others, banging against the barrier between us and the stage. after the concert I was in doubt to stay for another band, but as I had a rather annoying cold (I had just regained my voice) I went home. It was a 'Beautiful Day'





Apr. 7th, 2005 01:29 am
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Yes! I finished one part of my story. Now for the rest of it. I want to have it completely finished before I post it anywhere.

I've also been busy with the making of some icons. I'll probably make one for the story as well.

These have nothing to do with it but I was enjoying myself making them. icons )

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Just spend most of my free time today and yesterday with my fav activity (note the sarcasm) : Cleaning the house. Thankfully I wasn't alone. One of my roommates worked her ass of as well. Now everything is so clean it sparkles.


Feb. 17th, 2005 12:25 am
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Hi, I've been busy lately. Hopefully it will all slow down soon. I have tons of ideas, but when I try and put them on paper they just tend to dissolve into nothingness. So at the moment I have lots of scenes waiting to be used. From one story (Angelus/William) I have to beginning and a major part of the end ready, just have to get it there :) I am not going to post wip, I might not finish them at all given my fickle muses and my own impatience.

I also want to make some more icons, I have so few of them. A new one:

Image hosted by

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Christmas turned out to be not all that good. :(

It started out good enough though on Christmas eve. Only my dessert was a small disaster, but I worked around it. My filled chicken with red pepper-cream sauce was fine, not dry nor undercooked, just perfect :)

But the car broke down when we went home from my place to my mum's. Fortunately there's the ANWB (dutch AAA). Still we had to wait for an hour before continuing our way

We also heard my grandmum (91) was dying. The priest had visited her and all, so the next few days we went to see her daily. It seems she had a stroke. She's still alive now and has 'good' and 'bad' days. She's not eating or drinking enough.

This made for a pretty sad holiday. I just wasn't in the mood for partying. I had the quietest New Year I had in years.

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It's been a hectic couple of weeks. It was very busy at work with all the extra days, the shop was open sundays as well. School during the week and work saturdays and sundays both. I did enjoy myself though. Most costumers were very nice. Sometimes they can be so bothersome.

Next week will be a calm week for me workwise, but school-wise I have to put in a little more effort for the last bit of -the year. The 27th of december will be very hectic as well as all of the christmas stuff in the shop will be on sale. And I'm still hoping I don't need to work the 31st. That week I won't be working my usual saturday, but two or three weekdays. I'm longing for a true vacation, I want to go away from home even for a few days. As it is I think I'll end up staying at my mum's place.

But first the 24th. Then I'll do my best not to poison my parents when they come visit me on christmas eve :). I still have to decide what kind of soup I'm gonna make or if I'm going with the shrimp-cocktail. The main course will be stuffed chicken with a red pepper and cream sauce (I already tested this on my sister so I know it taste very good). Dessert will be sponge pudding.

I am rather looking forward to it though, my first christmas dinner at my place.

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It gets worse everytime. This time my blackline (?) is wasted. Thankfully I still have warranty on it and it will get sent back to the factory. At the time I'm typing with a desk light over my computer, the only way I can see images on it, otherwise it's just black.
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I'm really sad at the moment. 

My pet rat Satine just died.

She was a small, but great friend.

I'll miss her very much

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I just heard one of my roommates will be leaving next month. So tonight there will be some visits of a few wanna-be replacements. Two already visited, but I had some other obligations at the time. My other, remaining, roommate was at home. Tonight we'll be there both. I just hope they will be friendly.

I guess I'll see tonight.

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Monday I had my last two wisdom teeth removed, the other two had been removed about 6 weeks ago. Fortunately this time around I don't have as muck bother from it. Last time I couldn't sleep for a week and the pain only left when a stitch, that didn't dissolve on its own, was removed. The painkillers prescribed didn't help much, causing sleeplessness and headaches, so I stopped taking them.

Now I sleep lots and don't have much pain at all. I'm just tired. But the treatment at the hospital was worse than last time. Doctor #1 I liked better, he made me feel comfortable. Doctor #2 treated me like I was a recalcitrant child, I just don't like it when I can feel someone cutting my teeth.

Still stayed at home yesterday. I had planned to attend my colleges and left my mum at the normal time (when I go away at monday). The train, which should arrive in utrecht at 8.18 (45 minutes after departure), arrived at 10.00. We stood still for over an hour and a half. I could only attend my second hour of lectures that way and I didn't feel like it, so, my bad, I didn't go. I did read the required chapters though.

Then I busied myself with my holiday pictures. Always fun. Note to self: remember to take them with me to my parents, they want to see them.


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