Apr. 12th, 2006

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It was a while since I drew (or at least tried to) some animals, at least the cartoon-like things. This semester I've been drawing sea urchins and other invertebrates and the skull and dentition of mostly mammals (although the reptile ,rattle snake> was the coolest). Quite a different angle.
It was just what I needed after the two gruesome exams I had today. Okay so the first was all right, I think I will have passed that. The second I'm not so sure :(. 
Next week I'll have my last exam for this semester. After that we'll just start all over again.
But... i'll be writing my paper, and following one other course. I'm really looking forward to that! 

Tomorrow is my last PT appointment. The thing is I have no idea if it has helped anything. That's the problem with bruxism (grinding of teeth), it happens when I'm asleep. I know I am more conscious of the fact that I have to relax my jaw muscles in the daytime, so 'they' will 'remember' that the relaxed state is the right state even if I'm asleep.
I prefer my teeth as they are today. Especially after the dentist has filled in the dent I had made with my teeth in my upper incisor. It looks so great. I'm so happy with it. Hopefully my new splint and the finished PT will prevent any 
more damage.


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