Mar. 20th, 2008 03:44 am
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I've been on a high the entire day. I didn't expect to get the notice for my copy of "The Twilight Streets" as early as yesterday (tuesday). I had expected it on saturday. So it would be in my possession next tuesday at the earliest. But it seems Waterstone's was quite fast with sending a copy. Luckily I had the day off (well I was supposed to be reading articles and stuff) so I treated myself to a trip to Amsterdam, 30 min by train so doable.  

The guys helping were great. They started with mentioning the show was on tonight, and about JB's marriage, especially Cardiff - one of them was a Cardiff native, who of course had to comment on the good looks of all Welshmen (their female co-worker looked on quite interested in my opinion as that was said). I will be seeing that for myself in July. I just need to book my accommodations and transfer.

A while after I picked up my copy, walking the city, trying on all kinds of shoes I can't afford, but would love to have, having lunch -just a sandwich and juice I brought with me- and counting my money I decided I could buy Robin Hobb's Fool's Fate as well (so now I have that trilogy complete, yay!). Regretfully I came a bit short for a second TW book. My literary budget was all finished. Maybe next time. To be on the safe side I didn't bring my bank pas. All I had on me was cash. I know myself. God I love Waterstone's. Its collection is that much better than my local bookstore. When my Mom asked there for a Doctor Who book for me, they didn't even know what she was going on about. 

I had promised myself I would save the books for the easter weekend. Yeah right! Should have know that wouldn't happen. On the train back home I couldn't resist Twilight Streets. I loved it, it's funny. Devious!Ianto, Bilis.

After book-preparing dinner-having dinner-shower-book it was time for the show. When the season started I was so happy I wouldn't have to wait on the repeat on BBC2 anymore to see at (here in the Netherlands I only get BBC1, BBC2, and BBC world), and I don't have money to get digital and if I had wouldn't want to spend it just for BBC3. I would like to exchange quite a few like Raiuno and tv5 and stuff for it, but regretfully that isn't possible. oh well, thankfully there's the 'net.

2.10 I loved the photography of Out of the Rain very much. Okay, so the pseudoscience didn't make much sense. It was very pretty to look at. That's enough. 'I'll deal with science during the day ;) But poor kid, TW is just not a show for 'and they lived happily ever after...'

2.11 Squee!. I was happy to see Andy again. Nikki was great! I, just as many other (janto)-fangirls, 'killed a few bats' at Gwen running in on Jack and Ianto. Ianto's remark of Jack cheating was terrific and he looked so hot doing his shirt up. After the return 'inside' Jack didn't know how quick to lose his shirt again <g> And my is he demanding!
I liked Gwen some of this episode. I liked how she reacted to Jack and how she worked with Tosh, but still her behaviour with Rhys and Andy is rather appalling. I wouldn't do well either having to keep secrets like that from my SO and (supposed) friends, but still. 
When is Tosh going to get her break? I didn't mind the episode being Owen-lite, as he had his 3-epi arc, but I want more Tosh! So a bit less Gwen, but more Tosh.


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