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So. Busy writing my thesis. Hopefully my prof will be as happy with my 3rd chapter as he was with the first. The second I haven't heard of yet. I thought the first was a bit too choppy myself, but he said it was fine. well, I want to have all my chapters finished and then i'll go over it with a fine comb. Everything will turn out just fine I think.

Especially when the bosses on the side job get it through their big skulls that no, I can't come in to work everyday. even when I don't have classes. You know, writing a thesis takes time.

But I don't want to cause to much trouble and lose it, as I do need the money. I might have overspend this month.
I blame the fashion industry :). I wanted capri length pants and wanted to spend about 20-30 euro. there's a lot of choice in that category. So I thought I would succeed.
Wrong. All of the ones I could find were a) uncomfortable b) not fitting right, they were fine along the legs, hips and gaping at the waist c) the wrong colour. I don't wear white and a already have one in that colour green d) styled with big pockets (on slim fitting pants) or had ribbons, or even worse, buttons on the leg which I don't like on me e) too long and wide in the legs.
I fitted about 22 different kind of pants, before deciding to up my game a bit. Last year I had fallen in love with that same type of pants and bought it, even though it was 80 euro. It fits great, it's comfortable, a great colour. I've worn it a lot and it still looks great. So I went to that shop. And indeed I found another great pair, different colour, design, fabric, same prize. I guess the summer shoes I wanted will have to wait or even be forgotten about.


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