Jan. 10th, 2007 07:32 am
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I'm just enjoying myself at the moment.

Monday was terrific. I only had a few hours of computer practicals. It was warm (at least for this time of year) and it was raining slightly.

When my classes were done it was dry and I took my bike to go grocery shopping. As the sun was shining, and I wasn't in any hurry, I decided to take the scenic route.

On my way to the shops I saw a common kestrel catching a mouse.

On my return two hares were running through the meadows.

So that was a good day, and it was still only morning.

Tuesday, not so good. For starters I overslept big time. Not a big problem, considering I didn't need to be anywhere on time. I still have to get in my day/night rhythm. The holidays aren't a very good influence on it.

Still I gave me a chance to read some fanfic, mostly Torchwood. Also I managed to make a few torchwood icons.

Too bad Torchwood has ended. I want the second season, now. We'll have to wait a long time for that though. First there'll be the third new Doctor Who series. Until then I will have to comfort myself with the broadcasting of Life On Mars by the dutch tv. When it was on on BBC, I missed the first and the last episode, so I'm happy Ned3 is broadcasting it. I'm loving Ned3 quite a bit these days. It showed the first new Who series in the summer with The Christmas Invasion on Christmas. That started 30 minutes before The Runaway Bride did at the BBC. So I caught the first part of TCI, before zapping over to the BBC.

Tomorrow, or more precisely in a few hours, I have a lecture and practicals again. Hopefully the lecture is clear. Cause I read the literature and I can't understand it :(
It's the first part of the course (statistics) that I don't get.


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