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4x20 Waterproof by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
4 ballets of 20 minutes by four choreographers

Nanine Linning - Endless Song of Silence

Good duet. Two dancers and the full stage video images of them behind/over them of their past. The story behind the dance was very clear.
There was no need for any explanation. It was the story of them over their life as a couple being together/breaking up. The video created a kind of distance, at times completely drowning out/overshadowing them on stage. I thought that only made their scenes more intimate.

Amanda Miller - Miniature Mary's
Maybe it was the fact I just had something completely differnt in mind when I heard it would be eight (I only saw 6 though) women on toeshoes dancing on guitarrock, that sounded so great, but this is my least favourite of the four pieces danced tonight. I didn't like the dancing or the music (it wasn't even guitarrock). To me dance is emotion. Here I didn't feel anything, but confusion. I have no idea what the choreographer meant and am not sure if I care to know.


Georg Reischl - Fo(4)r

Four dancers in a lit square, 3 male. Liked this much better than the second one. Lots of pulling on each other, I liked the bits where the danced together with the four of them the best, especially the turns.

Ed Wubbe - The Green

They saved the best for last!
Great music: Bach's Johannes Passion (Herr unser Herrscher).
The choreography was stunning as well. It fit the music perfectly.

Seven men on a stretch of grass sized 10x8 meter. It was powerful and passionate. I can't stop thinking about them moving together within that rectangel, moving with/against and influencing the others. This is something I'd like to see again.

More than two hours later I got home soaking wet. This actually made for the perfect ending for the evening. I love rain (at times, but please not next saturday), it was so refreshing. At the moment I'm at that weird stage. Silent, content with life for the moment, ready to go to sleep and have wonderful dreams, while part of me just wants to dance, too buzzed to sleep. Tomorrow I'll have to get up early though, so I guess I'll just watch the dance once again in my head and try and get some sleep.

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