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I went skiing with my dad this weekend. Just indoor, but that's ok with me. 
It was a while since I went skiing (like 8 years or so), but it actually went rather well. I did take a class, just to brush things up, but an hour later I was speeding down the slope :) It felt so great.

Today is my day off uni, so i'll just be hanging around for a bit. In a while I'll have to go study a bit. Stupid mathematics! I really don't like it, but I have to pass :(. The other course is about evolution & ecology and that's better, even though the professor, trying to make it more fun, is dumbing it down unnecessarily. I just take notes just to keep awake. Wednesday we have another practical, I just have to prepare for that by reading some articles and study some mammalian teeth,oh joy. On the bright side, the last practical brought me an A-. That doesn't happened all that often to me, say never.

Next will be cleaning he house. I've been a bit negligent on that account, today will be the end of that. No more dirty dishes!

Afterward I will reward myself by watching SWIII-ROTS, which my dad got me. Thank you!


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