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I went to the Levellers' gig last night in town. I think I'm still tired. :) 

It was just what I needed. So good to see all those people dancing and screaming their lungs out. Doing it myself felt even better! People are so friendly in surroundings like that. I usually go alone end end up chatting with someone, local or foreign). Although the crowd can get a bit rambunctious later during the gig. That's half the fun.
I always leave their concerts with some bruises. Hitting the stage with the knees or being pushed against it will do that to you. It doesn't help that I just bruise easily. 

First support act: The Mighty Jackals were ok, the second not so (boring).
And why two? All I wanted were the Levellers! It would have been better if the jackals were the 2nd support. Their music was at least more lively than the soft folk after them.

* England My Home
* 15 Years
* Last Man
* The Road
* For Us All
* Sell Out
* Wheels
* Beautiful Day
* Si  (When Love Runs out Of Time - such a beautiful song, just simon on stage)
* Chemically Free
* Hope Street
* Men-An-Tol
* Carry Me
* Confess
* Burford 
* Dirty Davey
* The Game
* Liberty
* Far From Home
* Forgotten Ground
* Riverflow
* One Way

I want to see them again!

Regretfully I'm out of money, so I won't be able to see them again tomorrow. And if I had money I would be there tonight in Haarlem for the gig. I'll just have to wait until they return once more.


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