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I had a few busy weeks. I had a lot of writing to do for both my courses. I didn't even have (given myself) time to watch a lot of tv *just a bot of Smallville) or finish the books I got for Christmas.

I went to see a dental surgeon about my bruxism. And he told me to see a PT. So now I'm going there weekly. My family makes fun of it. My father and sister used to see one for their backs. I have to go for my jaw. Just hope it will work in bringing back the damage I do on my teeth. Too bad it takes up so much of my time. I have to travel a bit to get there, but he is specialized in treating bruxism.

Tuesday I went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company, this time with their show the world's greatest books abridged (last year we, mum and I, saw their The complete works of shakespeare abridged). I loved how they also worked some dutch books in it. Their bad pronunciation was half the fun. They are truly hilarious.

Hopefully it will quiet down now. I have less hours rostered at uni, but that usually doesn't mean a thing.



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